Monday, April 02, 2007

In March 2007, the Flying Circus of Physics appeared in the early-morning physics class of Professor Matt Anderson at San Diego State University and then, later in the day, at a gathering of students and faculty at San Diego University. Two days later, it popped up in another gathering of students and faculty at UCLA, where they were celebrating pi day.

All three schools were a delight to visit and the faculty reception was very nice. Both the bed-of-nails stunt and the molten-lead stunt went just fine, giving me just the right amount of pain. (They are like eating hot sauce, which I crave: I want a certain level of pain to launch the endorphins in the brain, giving a sense of well being. However, I don’t want so much that I roll around screaming on the floor, which tends to get me kicked out of restaurants.)
I hope to bring the Flying Circus back to southern California in a few weeks, to USC and UCal at San Diego. I need another hit of endorphins.


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