Friday, July 02, 2010

The July stories at the Flying Circus of Physics site include (1) Lava lamps --- I supply the physics, you supply the psychedelic music and whatever substances you want. (2) Measuring cosmic ray rates with a Geiger counter on commercial flights. (3) Relativistic length contraction --- what would it look like? (4) Pub trick of the month --- covering your face with bottle caps. Here is my grandson --- can you beat his record of six bottle caps?(5) The second of my old articles about the physics of boomerangs.
At the Facebook site for The Flying Circus of Phyysics, I have posted two short videos where I derive the two relativity equations used in item 3 above (don't worry, I use only algebra). I have also posted a game about relativistic contraction that I wrote for my classes.


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