Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Sep 2014 stories at the FCP site

September 2014 stories at the main FCP site: (1) Physics for the first date --- wintergreen flashes. (2) A new record for a deadlift power lifting, but an astounding old lifting record still stands. (3) Pub trick --- a mathematical way to fix a wobbly pub table. (4) When you heat a room, the total energy of the air does not change. So, why then do you feel warmer? ALSO: I have greatly expanded the index at the FCP site. The red links take you to stories at the web site. The blue links take you to the references and Youtube sites for the stories in the paper book. You will find links for individual terms but also for collections of related items, such “Pub physics,” “Accidents,” “Art,” and “Closet, physics to do in a.” (Well, I am still working on that one --- I like closets. The motto for FCP is that “Physics is everywhere,” including closets.)
main FCP site

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