Friday, October 30, 2015

November 2015 stories at the Flying Circus of Physics website

November 2015 stories at the main site for The Flying Circus of Physics: (1) Players on a football field are hurt when lightning strikes nearby. For several years I figured that they were hurt by the currents spreading along the ground from the point of the strike. But recently (and in class), I changed my explanation --- I think they were hurt by upward streamers at their heads. (2) Pub trick --- pouring a black and tan, a popular layered beer drink. (3) Coating an egg with black soot and then dropping it into water gives the egg a glimmering edge. How can a black egg become brighter? (4) A rotating, soaked sponge ball sprays water in spiral arms that resemble a spiral galaxy. However, when something is thrown off a rotating object, it must move in a straight line. So, what causes the appearance of spiral arms? More stories are at the FCP Facebook site (open access).

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