Friday, August 31, 2007

This last week, I gave The Flying Circus of Physics talk at the Military Academy at West Point, which is one of the most impressive academic environments I have ever seen. In a huge auditorium, I faced about 1000 cadets, all of whom use the physics textbook that I write, Fundamentals of Physics. Perhaps lucky for me, they were in only their second week of the book and not in the really tough stuff in the electricity and magnetism chapters that come about midway. So, they were still in a good mood.
Earlier in the day, I ate lunch in the West Point mess hall, which was an experience I'll never forget. At about noon, 4000 cadets suddenly come into the mess hall, stood at their chairs, and then sat down to eat in a family-style setting. Lunch lasted no more than 30 minutes, and then they were all gone. I was really impressed by the organization and discipline of the operation and the friendliness and happiness of the students with whom I talked.
I was even more impressed by the quality of both faculty and students. They push themselves hard, with high standards.


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Regarding item 1.160 "Fiddlesticks" in your book The Flying Circus of Physics: There is an article in German on the physics of that toy. The article is available on-line. I also have made a translation of it into English. If you're interested in the original article and/or my translation of it, let me know. (cwkmail[at]

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