Saturday, March 01, 2008

More videos of my appearances on "The Daily Planet" show on Discovery Channel Canada have been posted on the web. The current list and both the user name and the password are given in the current posting at the FCP site. Here is the page:

Here are the subjects of the March stories at the FCP web site:
1. If someone shoots straight upward, can you be killed by the bullet when it falls back down?
2. Can you be killed by a coin tossed off the Empire State Building?
3. What caused the recent explosion and fire at a sugar processing plant?
4. Does use of a cell phone or an iPod attract lightning?
5. Why can you see the dark side of the Moon when the Moon is not full?
6. Bar (pub) trick---how can you move match sticks without touching them?

Here is a link to the index for the FCP book and for all the stories (so far) at the FCP site:


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