Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Summer Honors Institute at Cleveland State University enjoyed the attendance of these local high school students, whose challenge was to create a power-point presentation for the last day.

Anirudh (Rudy) Jayanti, electrosurgery
Shoumik Pennathur and Nicholas Kar, projectile motion in air drag
Jeff Woos, Big Bang and more
Anupama Sundaram and Linda Nguyen, Newton’s laws
Nicholas Catalano and Katerina Glyptis, conservation of momentum
Liam Robinson and Sahil Gosain, Jesus lizard
Sandeep Sidhu, Galileo and his scientific works
Richard Kolk and Jeffrey Huynh, slinky physics
Yilun Cai and Jake Green, rattleback
Kyle Demko, conservation of energy
Kevin Russell and Diego Axon-Sanchez, density of objects (Archimedes)
Priya Datta and Faith Tandoc, the particle-wave duality of light


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