Thursday, January 01, 2009

The January stories at are now posted.

1. Pedestrian throw, moose throw, camel throw. The physics of the collision between a road vehicle and either a pedestrian or a large animal. Although none of the videos show close-up photos of people, some of them may not be suitable for children because the motion of an airborne person is upsetting.

2.The pub trick for this month involves removing a cork from the body of an empty wine bottle without breaking the bottle.

3. The puzzle for this month involves the collapse of a small bridge due to the weight of a house being moved across it. One of the photos is reproduced here.

4. Bottle music. There are at least three distinct ways a beer or soda bottle can be played as a musical instrument. One of the videos shows bottles being played a rollerblader. Another is from the psychedelic group The 13th Floor Elevators from the 1960s. And another is a very charming performance by a man with a beer bottle and a tambourine.

5. The article of the month is one that I published in January 1978. It shows how you can use common clear sticky tape to reveal the polarization of skylight, as seen by many types of insects who navigate via the polarization.
As always, odl and new videos of me are available at .
Cheers and happy new year


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