Tuesday, June 03, 2008

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This month at the FCP site http://www.flyingcircusofphysics.com/ the spotlight story is about the rotating, skipping bombs of the dambusters of World War II, where the action was based on the children's game of skipping stones over water. The bombs had to skip in order to jump over the torpedo nets that guarded the dams. Links to many video clips are included.

Here are the secondary stories this month:

1. Another bar (pub) trick with an explanation of the physics (so you can not only show off with a cute trick but also show everyone how smart you are).

2. The physics explanation for the video (seen by more than 4 million people) in which two huge geysers erupt from a rain drainage shaft.

3. Stabilizing the leaning tower of Pisa

4. The video showing resonant oscillation of a pond over 1000 km from the tragic earthquake in central China. The video was widely seen on some of the news web sites but without any explanation.

The FCP site contains more than 100 such stories and hundreds of links to videos. Here are the links to the story archives, arranged according to the chapters in The Flying Circus of Physics.

Chapter 1 (motion)

Chapter 2 (fluids)

Chap 3 (sound)

Chap 4 (thermo)

Chap 5 (electricity & magnetism)

Chap 6 (optics)

Chap 7 (vision)

And here is the index for both the book and the FCP site:

And here are stories about the minor adventures of physics major Jay Waller: