Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The June stories at the main site for The Flying Circus of Physics include:

(1) A common playing card or business card can be thrown accurately and for a great distance if it is launched by snapping the wrist and spinning it. The world’s record distance is now 65.9 meters (over 200 feet), and the cards can hit with enough force to hurt someone. Why does the spinning matter? Can cards be used as weapons?
(2) Why do some people with tattoos have a tugging or tingling sensation in an MRI procedure? Why are some of them actually burned?
(3) Sprites are mysterious emissions of light that occur far above large thunderstorms. They were seen for decades by night-flying pilots but passed off as illusions --- that is, up until they were put on video in the 1990s.
(4) The pub trick of the month: Pour the beer out of a bottle and then set the bottle down. How can you get another 1000 drops of beer out of the bottle?
(5) Article of the month: My article from 1979 about the physics that allows a boomerang to boomerang.

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