Thursday, July 31, 2014

FCP stories for August 2014

The August stories at the main FCP site: (1) cow tipping, real or fictitious? Here you see Sheldon arguing that it is fictitious and, as you know, he is right about everything. (2) Crooke's radiometer --- does it rotate because of pressure from light or because of a thermo effect? (3) The ouzo effect, in which water added to ouzo dramatically transforms the alcoholic liquid from being transparent to being milky white. (4) Shooting a rifle bullet into a wood block --- a very popular video skillfully lures us into a violation of the law of conservation of energy.FCP main site

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

July 2014 stories at the main FCP site

The July stories at FCP: (1) The physics of surfing and avoiding a wipeout. (2) Take off your glasses or contacts and look through a small opening in order to read clearly. (3) Pole climbing, both the standard way used to repair overhead lines and a novel way to get up a palm tree. (4) Pub trick --- set a matchstick on fire and watch it leap upwards.
FCP main site

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