Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To prepare for the anniversary show of The Daily Planet (Discover Channel Canada), we mixed up water and well over 2000 pounds of corn starch, using portable cement mixers. My intent was to walk over the top of the water-corn starch mixture in an 8-foot-long trough. To see more photographs, come to www.facebook.com/pages/Cleveland-OH/Flying-Circus-of-Physics/339329532602?ref=ts . I'll post more photos soon. If the television show is streamed, I'll post the web site.

Monday, October 04, 2010

In the last few days I was part of the 15th anniversary show of "The Daily Planet" on Discovery Channel Canada. The show will be broadcast at 8:00 pm eastern time on Oct 10 on the Discovery Channel Canada network, and (I believe) it will be streamed on the web the next day. In the first half hour I perform the stunt where I stick my wet hand into moltern lead. In the third half hour I run over the top of a mixture of water and corn starch. Here is an early description of the show: http://www.discoverychannel.ca/greatestshowever/event/ . I'll post more links later.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The October stories at the main Flying Circus of Physics web site include (1) seeing the shock waves of large explosions, (2) the dynamics of playing cards, leaves, and helicopter seeds (samaras) during falling (appropriate for the falling leaves here in Cleveland this month), (3) the physics of two hoax videos that went viral recently (liquid mountaineering and catching a melon with your face), (4) the pub trick of the month --- picking up a drinking glass with a straw, and (5) my old article about the strangest illusion I’ve ever seen --- Bidwell’s ghost, with which I can “read” a page in total darkness.