Sunday, March 29, 2009

I gave The Flying Circus of Physics talk at a section meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers in March 2009, discussing such topics as the Cheerios effect, the shower curtain effect, the teapot effect, and the tea leaves effect. I also showed a few photos from my collection of crack photos. No, I don't mean "crack" as in "really good". Rather I mean cracks in sidewalks, dried paint, ceramics, and solidified magma --- I collect photos of cracks. Now, that may sound pathetic (and actually it is a bit pathetic), but many material scientists are fascinated with the networks that cracks form in various types of materials that are under stress.
In the photo here, taken right after the talk, I am posing with Kevin McChesney who instructs at Pickerington High School Central in Pickerington, Ohio, and who is the District VI Director for SECO (Science Education Council of Ohio). You can visit his web page at The top button in his menu shows him with his hand on fire.