Monday, March 01, 2010

The March stories at the Flying Circus of Physics web site:
(1) For the last two years, videos have been circulating that show how cell phones can cause popcorn kernels to pop. Can a cell phone do that? Can you start a campfire with a cell phone?Can you use a cell phone for self defense by overheating any bandits who attacks you in the street?
(2) A truck topples over onto a car, compressing the car to almost the street level, and yet the driver emerges unharmed.
(3) Some people have an intense desire to lick metal poles in subfreezing weather, perhaps because they are fans of the classic movie Christmas Story. I cannot explain the motivation of these lickers, but I can explain the physics of what happens to their tongue.
(4) Pub trick of the month: A mug of beer is supported by two stacks of coins on opposite sides of the mug. A small coin lies between the two stacks. How can you remove the small coin without touching it or the mug?
(5) Article of the month: my "Amateur" article about the physics of my grandmother's homemade ice cream.