Sunday, November 07, 2010

Here are the November stories at the main Flying Circus of Physics web site:
1. “Powers of Ten” was the most dramatic physics film I ever saw, taking us from a common picnic outward to intergalactic space and then back again into the hand of a sleeping man, down to the quarks in a proton in a carbon atom.
2. Pub trick of the month: Outside on a hot, dry day, how can you cool the beer bottles without ice or any type of refrigeration?
3. Domino amplifiers have made it to video: A tiny domino is toppled with a cotton swab. It knocks over a second domino that is scaled up by 1.5 in all dimensions. The second one knocks over a third domino. And so on, until the 13th domino is knocked over and lands with a thud that shakes the floor.
4. Anamorphic art is a style of distorted art that is almost meaningless when viewed at most angles but which makes perfect sense from a certain range of angles. That art has long been a novelty but now it is used to control traffic speeds in West Vancouver, Canada.
5. My old article from June 1984 discusses the physics of curious kitchen gadgets.