Monday, February 01, 2010

February stories at the Flying Circus of Physics web site.
(1) Lucky shots (including long-distance basketball shots and over-the-shoulders throwing of a key ring onto a hook).
(2) How a Doonesbury cartoon causes me to flash back to my days at MIT and what that has to do with non-newtonian fluids. (3) Video showing what happens to a truck in a strong wind.
(4) Pub trick of the month: a theatrical way to remove the foam on a beer.
(5) Article of the month: the physics of Slime, Silly Putty, cornstarch, ketchup, and other fluids with weird viscosities.
For those of you asking, yes the beer bottle is still stuck to my basement wall. Eight months now. Updates are being carried monthly at the Flying Circus of Physics site.